Matthew Sligh

Matthew Sligh

Captain Matthew Sligh

Matthew Sligh was born in Athens, GA and has been on the waters around Saint Simons Island since he was a child. After purchasing Saint Simons Bottle in 2018, the opportunity to expand presented itself when String of Pearls came onto the market. Since one of his parents’ first outings together as a couple back in the 1950s after meeting on Saint Simons was a trip on a wooden boat called The Pine Knot, Matt figured that purchasing, operating, and preserving String of Pearls was a project that needed doing… and so the adventure began for this chapter in the early summer of 2019.


Executive Chef and Host Mary Beth Forehand

Mary Beth was born in Atlanta and her family has had a home on Saint Simons for over 30 years. She also serves as the Executive Chef for The Barrel and Board Tasting Room on Saint Simons, and her Charcuterie and Cheese Boards have become famous on the island along with the other fabulous items she serves to our guests. She works with each guest to make sure they have a great time on board… just let her know what you need!!!

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First Mate Matthew W. Sligh

Matthew W. Sligh shares the same love of the water as his father and it shows every day on String of Pearls. Having lived in Athens and then on Lake Oconee, he has a tremendous amount of experience on the water. Matthew caught his first shark while visiting Saint Simons when he was four years old, and the love of the area has only grown as he has. While on-board, Matthew takes care of the lines and makes sure the passengers have everything they need to have a wonderful trip. He is also very good at spotting Dolphins and other wildlife… so be sure to let him know what you would like to see!!!